Admission Procedure

Kids-Ville Academy is a school for 2 year olds to 16 year olds in which pupils, teachers and parents work and learn together.
Congratulations on your decision to apply to study at Kids-Ville Academy. We offer a fantastic opportunity for you to achieve academic success.

ADMISSION & AGE REQUIREMENTS: Nursery & Primary Section

  • Pupils seeking admission into the Nursery must have attained the age of 2 years by December of the year of admission whilst those seeking admission to the Primary section must have attained the age of 5 years by December of the year of admission.
  • Parents must submit the following documents together with a completed admission form:
    o A photocopy of pupil’s birth certificate.
    o Photocopy of immunization records for Nursery section.
    o Evidence of payments for admission form.
    o Readiness tests for Nursery & Primary Pupils.


  • AGE – The child must be 11 years by December of the year of entry and must have completed Grade 6. It is obligatory for all pupils to have completed the Grade 6 syllabus to gain entrance into the High School irrespective of the Grade they wish to enter.
  • ADMISSION FORM – An Admission form must be collected, completed and submitted before the entrance examination date.
  • ENTRANCE EXAM – It is to be noted that entry into the High School is not automatic for pupils from Kids-Ville Academy Primary Section. All policies, regulations and procedures are to be followed for admissions for both internal and external pupils.

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